pay per click for contractors

Marketing for Contractors

The #1 best thing about Pay Per Click marketing is you can turn it on today and gets calls today. Nothing else available to a contractor can provide calls and leads with such speed.

The second best thing about it is its very easy to track the cost of your leads. This makes it very easy to adjust your pricing as well. If you know the exact cost of a lead and your closing percentage, you can adjust your pricing to make sure you are maximizing your return on investment.

The third best thing about Pay Per Click marketing is that you can turn it on or off whenever you want. You can’t turn off a billboard or magazine ad when you are out of town on vacation, or if your receptionist calls in sick. With Pay Per Click you can get and pay for leads, only when you are 100 percent ready to receive them. You can even time it down to the time of day. No other marketing channel can give you these 3 benefits.

THE PROBLEM with Pay Per Click marketing is it can be expensive and will drain your marketing budget faster than any other marketing channel. Most Contractors believe that Google Adwords is designed to get you calls. That’s incorrect. Google Adwords is designed to spend your money as fast as possible. That’s where we come in at Contractor’s Media. Our expertise in managing your PPC campaign

  1. Saves you money

  2. Drives down your cost per lead

  3. Gets you better quality leads

  4. Cuts out the waste

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