contractors google my business

WHAT??!!?? – As of this writing, one of our clients received 26 calls on Monday, 21 on Tuesday and 19 on Wednesday. What’s the big deal?

These calls were all FREE! Not one dollar was spent on marketing for at least 6 months.

All of these calls, all of these leads, all of this business generated were a result from one FREE marketing channel I set up for this client. They are now inundated with free calls and leads every day without spending a dime on marketing.

How did we do it? Google My Business – Essentially, even though Google continues to change the name of this product, its the portion of the search engine page results that brings up a map on the screen of the person searching. It has been estimated that 30 percent of clicks and calls come from that map portion of the search engine results.

What we do at Contractors Media, is get your company ranked on the maps portion of the search engine results, so that you can begin to enjoy these free calls. Once you are ranked number 1 or 2 for certain keywords that you are targeting, you no longer have to pay anything and will most likely remain ranked for a very long time and continue to receive free calls and leads everyday.

If you ever fall off the rankings just call us and we will begin to work on your ranking again, all for a low affordable monthly fee. Most plans start at $150 a month, but the more competitive trades will cost more to get ranked, but free leads and calls in perpetuity makes this the #1 thing you should do as a contractor to market your business. First and foremost, above ALL OTHER THINGS! Very first, before you even print business cards, work on your GMB Listing and get it ranked for your keywords.

Call us right away for a free audit of your GMB Listing and we will tell you exactly what you need to do to get your listing ranked.