3 Biggest Mistakes Contractors are Making on Their Instagram Accounts


You can have a successful Contractor Instagram account. Instagram is a great way for contractors to show off their work, build relationships with prospective customers and build their brand in the marketplace. However, most contractors are doing it wrong, so those that try Instagram, end up getting no results, wasting time and then eventually give up on the process altogether, because the reward just isn’t worth the time spent managing the new Instagram account.

I hear over and over ways to grow your Instagram account using tips, tricks, automation software’s, hashtags and the list goes on and on. However, if you are making the 3 cardinal mistakes on Instagram, no other tips and tricks will help. Let’s discuss these mistakes now.

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1 – Instagram Accounts using Poor Image Quality

Look, Instagram is an image sharing platform, first and foremost. You have to keep that in mind above all else. So, if you must choose between 3 crappy image posts or 1 solid image post, go with the 1 high quality image. Contractor Instagram accounts are famous for having crappy images.

It is important enough to consider hiring a professional photographer. For around $500 you can hire someone to come in and take a bunch of photos for you that you can use in your posts. They will send you a file (after editing) of several images you can use over and over in your social media.

You can also then send those images to someone on Fiverr, and they will make interesting Social Media posts for you, including hashtags, captions and design.

If $500 is too much for you, place on ad on Craigslist for Photography students looking to build their portfolio. Something as simple as “We are paying $15 an hour for photography students to come to our shop and take photos we can use in our Social Media.” There are hundreds of photography students always looking to build their portfolio and make some extra cash. Placing an ad like this should get you a lot of responses and a few photographers to choose from.

Image quality is important enough to spend the time to learn or to spend the money to have someone make great images for you. It really is that important. Once you have a great image, it is just an important to make a high-quality post, using Canva or an outsourcer to make a great Instagram post for you. If you are going to spend the time to make a post and you want people to actually see it, you had better spend the time or money to make it a high-quality post.


2 – Contractor Instagram Accounts Not Being Consistent

Once you are making great posts, then you need to do it more often. Most contractors Instagram accounts suffer because Contractors fall into a schedule where they are slow, so they spend a bunch of time marketing and advertising, until they line up a bunch of work. After they line up these jobs, they are too busy managing and completing the work, so they stop spending time on marketing. So, their marketing efforts are not consistent, and usually social media is the first thing to get left behind.

So, contractor Instagram accounts have a hard time building followings because they go weeks or longer sometimes without even posting content. The key to building a following is providing consistent content to people who are interested in your offerings.

Sometimes it helps to make several social media posts at one time, then to spread them out consistently over the week. Consistent means different things for different businesses. However, for a contractors Instagram account, I recommend posting once a day. Facebook you can post twice a day, and Twitter you can post 20 times a day but for Instagram I wouldn’t post more than once a day, and make sure you at least make 5 posts per week.

If you need ideas on what to post, follow other successful contractor Instagram accounts, and do what they do, personalized to your business. You can also follow accounts of other businesses that may not be contractors, but similar businesses to get ideas of what to post.

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3 – Contractor Instagram accounts Not being Interesting

Not many contractors have sat down and thought about, “Why would someone follow this account?” The fact is, the vast majority of people aren’t going to follow a HVAC/Roofer/Plumbing company. They just aren’t as interesting as a foodie account or a famous person. That doesn’t mean you can’t get followers it just means two things. First, you need to be interesting. Second, if you obtain a follower, you need to keep them by being interesting.

The fact is, the construction trades are very interesting to most people. You just need to find the specific parts that are interesting. Most people have no idea what goes on in the contracting and remodeling world. So, an inside look into what happens in the day to day operations of a remodeling contractor can actually be pretty interesting to the consumer.

One time we offered a “plant tour” to the public from one of our manufacturers where people could come to the plant and take a tour and see the product being made. We had an overwhelming response that we had to set up subsequent tours because we couldn’t fit everyone in.

The stuff we do is interesting to a lot of people, you just can’t post boring stuff and think you can get away with it. Your Contractor Instagram account isn’t just an item on your to-do list, that you need to get checked off so you can move on with your day. You need to find the interesting, compelling parts of your business, and present them to your followers in a consistent, attractive way.

In summary, creating and maintaining a great Instagram account isn’t that hard. But, you have to decide to do it. If you half ass it, or just barely do enough to get by you’re better off not doing it at all. However, you can get good results from a good account. All you have to do, it make consistent, interesting high quality posts and that is 90 percent of the key to success.

If you decide to do that you will have a successful account and there are a hundred other things you can do to grow a big and successful account. However, if you don’t do these 3 things, so other automation software, hashtags, interactions or tips and tricks that you can do that will make a difference. So get these 3 items down pat first, then move on to the higher level tactics to grow your account.

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